Individual and Couples Therapy

Sessions include a blend of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Brief Solution-Based Therapy, as well as Sex Therapy and Education. Clients are offered techniques and tools to explore, embrace and enhance their sexuality and relationships. There is never any nudity or sexual behavior in sessions. Clients may also be given at-home behavioral exercises, or relevant readings and videos in order to continue progress outside of sessions. Click here for common concerns.


Sessions are 55 minutes for individuals. For individuals sex therapy can help heal a sexually distressing past, facilitate sexual function, or explore psychological blocks preventing full expression of emotional and/or sexual intimacy in a relationship.


Partner sessions can be 55 or 85 minutes. The 85-minute sessions are encouraged for because 55 minutes is often too short to fully explore concerns. For couples, sex therapy can help heal infidelity, enhance sexual and emotional connection, or explore alternative sexual expressions.

*Virtual services are also available. Please message Dr. Chelsea for more information on options and pricing


Rates vary depending on the services you wish to have. Payment may be made via check, cash or credit card. Please note there is a 24 hour cancelation policy and any sessions canceled within 24 hours will result in a full session charge. There are no refunds; however, pre-paid sessions can be applied to future sessions. 

$160 – Individuals & Couples (55 minutes)
$245 – Extended Session for Couples (85 minutes)


Although I do not accept insurance, be sure to review your insurance policy or check with your insurance provider regarding mental health coverage outside their network. A portion of the session's fees may be covered and you by submitting a receipt for potential reimbursement.


Past Client Reviews:

I came to see Dr. Chelsea to work through a sexual issue I was experiencing in a new relationship. I felt totally comfortable discussing this issue with her. She is a great listener and offered helpful advice to see this issue from a different light. She asked the right questions to dig into what was causing this problem. I believe that her expertise helped to change my mindset and get me to a better place. I would recommend Dr. Chelsea to anyone seeking sex therapy and/or relationship counseling.
— MW
By the time my husband and I went to see Dr. Holland, we had both lost our sex drive and neither of us felt the relationship was working anymore. We were thinking about divorce but wanted to exhaust all other possibilities before committing to ending our marriage. The first session was an eye-opener for both of us, as we realized just how out of sync our communication styles were and how that was causing pain for the other person. Each session helped us to improve our communication and ultimately rekindled our love and lust for each other. I am so grateful to Dr. Holland for showing us how to save our marriage. We could not have done it without her!
— AD
Dr. Chelsea is an all around great therapist. She always gives her undivided attention, has a very welcoming space and personality, gives useful homework assignments, was able to pinpoint what was bothering me and offer practical resolutions when I could not do that for myself. Above all else, She really helped me overcome behavior patterns that were not working for me. We practiced over and over again and now that hard work is paying off in not only my personal relationships, but in all facets of my life. I owe it to Chelsea for helping me to speak my truth and build up my confidence to a level I never thought was imaginable. She knows her psychology and relationships despite being a young therapist. She’s truly passionate and I have no qualms about recommending her to anyone!
— KJ